The University Senate is an essential component of University governance. For this reason, students, faculty, and staff from each unit of the university are represented within the Senate.

The University Senate is composed of:

  • Ex officio members from the university administration
  • Members of the Faculty Council
  • Executive board members from the Employee Council, Student Government Association, and Graduate Student Government Association
  • Faculty and Student Representatives from each school
  • Representatives from alumni, librarians, staff, and academic deans
*2017 - 2018 roster will be available here by October 2017.

2016 - 2017 Roster

Approved September 27, 2016

Executive Committee

President Kristin Wendland Emory College of Arts and Sciences 2016 - 2017
Past-President Jaffar Khan School of Medicine 2015 - 2016
President-Elect Henry Bayerle Oxford College 2017 - 2018
Secretary Amy Covington MBA Student, Business School
President of GSGA Jared Greenbaum MBA Student, Business School 2017
President of SGA Max Zoberman Emory College of Arts and Sciences 2017
President of Oxford SGA Muhammad Naveed Oxford College 2017
President of Employee Council Marlon Gibson Campus Life
Past-President of Employee Council Linda Jackson Human Resources
President-Elect of Employee Council Deena Keeler Campus Services
Graduate Student Administrative Assistant Emrah Simsek PhD Student, Physics 2016 - 2017


Click here for the full senate roster.